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Fire Insurance Woodstock

Do you know the top three causes of home fires in Ontario? Cooking accidents, malfunctioning or neglected heating equipment, and careless smoking. It's sad but true. Grease fires that spiral out of control or unattended dinners left to burn, space heaters placed too close to a flammable piece of furniture, or even just dozing off while having a cigarette can all spell disaster for your home. This isn't meant to scare you, but to remind you how important it is to be aware and cautious even during routine home events, and also to look over your fire insurance policy in Woodstock.

You might think you don't need fire insurance because you have homeowner insurance, and there is some truth to that. Most homeowner insurance policies do have some kind of provision for fire. However, that protection isn't necessarily complete or comprehensive. There are a number of additional, specific policies and protections you can add to that coverage to make sure your home and belongings are protected in the tragic event of a damaging house fire.

At Staebler, we've been protecting the people of Ontario for more than 140 years and we know that there are few things more personally and financially devastating than a house fire. Watching everything you've worked for, all your belongings, mementos, and irreplaceable objects go up in flames is a pain nobody should ever be forced to endure. As is the pain of being left in that position with no resources or compensation to help you rebuild. A good fire insurance policy can't replace the irreplaceable, but it can ensure that you'll be able to provide for your family and rebuild during that difficult time.

Don't take chances with fire. All it takes is one moment of inattentiveness, one poor choice, or accident to turn your life upside down. Make sure you have a fire insurance policy in Woodstock that will protect you should the worst ever happen. Call one of our brokers today.