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Flood Insurance Cambridge

One of my favorite songs has to be Muddy Water. It's been covered by countless artists and I must have four or five different versions of it on different albums and mixes. You could say it was ironic then that one of the worst things that ever happened to me as a homeowner was a flood. Fortunately, I had proper insurance and while it was certainly an unpleasant mess and I lost a few items I can never truly replace, me and my family were able to bounce back just fine. Some of my neighbors wern't so lucky, they assumed that their homeowners insurance would be enough to cover them in the case of rising waters. If you don't want to land in the same leaky boat, you should think about flood insurance in Cambridge.

Home insurance can be confusing. While it may seem comprehensive, there can often be holes in the protection, such as damage caused by overland flooding or storm surges. Your best bet for making sure that your covering all the bases is to speak with a Staebler broker. Our expert brokers can look at your situation, realistically assess the risks facing your home, and recommend additional insurance based on an actual, honest appraisal of your property. 

We can look at your current coverage, what it exactly covers, what kind of risks you may be running, and the most affordable and effortless ways to close those vulnerabilities. We don't believe in one-size-fits-all policies. Staebler Insurance makes a point of getting to know our clients, their exact situations, and finding out the best plan for them!

It's our job to work for you. When you're considering your options, don't get stuck in muddy water! Call Staebler today and let us put our 140 years of experience to work for you finding the best flood insurance in Cambridge.