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Flood Insurance Elmira

There are plenty of disasters that can befall a home. A sudden fire, a tree branch crashing through the roof, a car hoping the curb and slamming into the side of the wall, all scary. But nothing is quite as insidious and as harrowing as a flood. While those other disasters happen in mere seconds, a flood a horror you can see unfold over hours, even days. It starts with the weatherman predicting the worst and continues as the waters creep closer to your home and you start to think about protection. As they climb the sandbags and towels you’ve stacked up against the basement windows and front door. Even as water pours into your home you think of ways to minimize the damage, but there is often little that can be done – other than hope you have the best Elmira flood insurance out there.

Elmira is no stranger to floods. The past few years have seen a stark rise in flood activity such that it’s becoming a predictable hazard. Even so, many homes and businesses are still not adequately protected, hoping that damages will be covered under their homeowner’s policy, or that waters won’t reach them. 

At Staebler, we don’t believe in leaving things to chance. We’ll look at property, where it is in relation to bodies of water and previous flood zones, and create an accurate risk profile for your home or business so you can know exactly what kind risks you run and what kind of protection you should be aiming for. Then, we’ll advocate on your behalf to the insurance companies, making them compete for your business to drive down the monthly premiums and increase the scope of your protection.

Don’t go without flood insurance in Elmira. Talk to one of our brokers today to you can have the protection you deserve.