Flood Insurance Fergus

Whenever I think about flooding, I always remember the song "Muddy Waters” by Nick Cave. It's a sad song describing a flooded out farmland and the people stuck there, but one line sticks out to me in particular. In the middle of the song, just as the flood has reached it's apex, washing away his home and swallowing up his neighbourhood, Cave pleads "It's hard to say just what I'm losing. Ain't never felt so all alone.” It's true. When you're in the middle of a flood, it's about more than just losing your belongings, or even your home. It feels like your entire life, everything about you, has been washed away. It's terrifying, and why we can't recommend flood insurance in Fergus and beyond enough.

Fergus had a taste of the potential damage of a full on flood just as recently as 2013. The Grand River swelled, washing out nearby roads in low laying areas and closing bridges. This was a minor incident and the damage was minimal, but it was also instructive, flood waters can rise unexpectedly and suddenly. 

It's tempting to think this isn't a problem. That your home is too far away to be effected by a flood, or that your homeowners policy will protect you. But flood waters can reach surprising distances and it only takes a relatively small amount of water to do serious damage to your home. Damage your homeowners policy may or may not actually cover.

Don't be stuck with that horrible empty feeling of complete loss. Get the coverage you and your family deserve. Speak to a Staebler broker about flood insurance in Fergus and anchor your life to a stable point, no matter how stormy it gets.