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Flood Insurance Guelph

Rising waters can spell big trouble for homeowners, especially when it catches them off guard. Unfortunately, that happens all too often. Surveys show that a majority of Canadian homeowners mistakenly believe their home insurance policy covers floods, depending on a type of insurance that won’t help them once their boots are wet. To be fully protected, you need flood insurance in Guelph.

Home insurance is complicated. While it may seem like it will cover most major home catastrophes, there are often gaps in the coverage that can leave homeowners in the lurch when something unexpected happens. That’s why we recommend speaking with one of our expert brokers and determining exactly what you current policy does and does not cover, so you can plan accordingly. 

Our brokers work with you to find the policy that will protect you best. We’ll examine your risk factors, what kind of flooding you may be vulnerable to, and find a policy that will offer you maximum protection and a minimum cost.

Don’t wait until you have the bailing bucket in one hand the the phone in the other to hear the bad news from your insurance company. Talk to one of our brokers about flood insurance in Guelph today and make sure your home and belongings won’t be washed away.