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Flood Insurance Kitchener

Is your home covered in the event of a flood? Nearly two thirds of Canadians mistakenly believe that their home is protected by their homeowner’s insurance in the event of a flood. However, home insurance in Canada does not cover storm surges or overland flooding! What does that mean if you’re wondering about flood insurance in Kitchener?

That means your best bet is to speak to a broker at Staebler Insurance. They may be able to recommend additional coverage if you have a pool or hot tub, or even recommend sewer backup coverage in some instances. However, due to the need for new flood maps across the country, homeowners do not presently have access to comprehensive flood insurance in Canada.

But don’t dismay! Our Staebler brokers can detail exactly what kind of water damage your homeowner’s policy covers, and perhaps recommend better options for you if you live near a river, such as along the Grand, or a stream where flooding may be a concern. 

 Our job is to work for you, the client, so while flood insurance in Kitchener may not be everything you’ve hoped for, we’ll work to find the best options for your home or business that offer the protection you need for the level of flood risk in your location.