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Flood Insurance Woodstock

Your home is covered in the event of a flood, right? Before you answer, you might want to review your homeowner's policy. One of the most common misconceptions among Canadian homeowners is the belief that their homeowner's policy is all they need for flood protection when in fact the majority of those policies specifically exclude storm surges and overland flooding. That's why you need flood insurance in Woodstock to be fully covered.

Flood and water damage insurance in general is one of the most complicated, and poorly understood, areas of insurance. Knowing what kind of water damage you're covered for can be complicated when separate policies cover things like sewer backups, overland flooding, storms and downpours, and so on. If your basement is flooded with sewage water as the result of a larger flood in the area, what is that covered under?

At Staebler, it's our job to know. We can help you sort through your existing protection, assess your home for different flood and water related risks, and help you find a policy that fits your specific needs. We'll help you cut through the jargon and confusion and focus in on the real issue – protecting your home and your family.

Don't wait until your up to your knees in water to find out exactly what your homeowner's policy covers and doesn't cover. Call a Staebler broker about flood insurance in Woodstock today and get the facts!