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Gore Mutual Overland Water Insurance Coverage

As of March 1st, Gore Mutual Insurance Company will include additional water protection for properties in Ontario with sewer back-up coverage! This new coverage is called WaterEscape Plus.

What is overland water coverage? "Overland Water" is generally defined as fresh water from rivers, lakes or water suddenly accumulated as a result of heavy rainfall. This coverage protects you from the damage that overland water can cause to your property.

You may have thought you were already covered this. That is a common misconception. Most people already carry Sewer Back-up coverage, however, it has always been intended to protect against damage from the backing up of sewers and drains, and was never intended to include overland water. Until now!

How do I get overland water coverage? Gore Mutual has a combined solution for both overland water and sewer back-up.

If you already have sewer back-up coverage on your home, apartment, condo or other property, you will automatically qualify for the overland water coverage effective March 1, 2016. You don't have to do a thing!

If you don't have sewer back-up coverage right now, you can have it added to your policy including overland water effective March 1, 2016 for an average cost of $50-$150 per year.

Why is this important? Changing weather is a growing concern. According to Environment Canada, severe weather events that used to happen every 40 years can now be expected every 6 years, and flooding represents 40% of all natural disasters. Personal property insurance policies have historically only covered water damage that occurred within the home, like burst pipes and sewer back-up. Until recently, coverage for overland water was just not available. In response to the major floods in Alberta and Toronto in 2013, leading insurers have developed solutions to help protect against overland water, like this WaterEscape Plus coverage now offered by Gore Mutual Insurance Company.


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