Protect Your Property: High Winds

Sep 13, 2023
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This article is Part Two of our New Blog Series on protecting your property from natural threats.  Be sure to check back to the Staebler Blog for future articles to help protect your home. Part One: Flooding

High winds are an all-too-common threat for property owners. Low-pressure areas tend to be more at risk for severe windstorms and tornados and building roofs can be particularly susceptible to wind damage.  It is important to keep your roof secure to avoid even greater damage from exposed property.

Six Ways to Help Protect Against High Wind Roof Damage

Is your Roof Up to Code?

Since local building codes can change, it is important that your roof keeps up with the local requirements. Building codes may even update because of experiences with recent wind storms.  Therefore older roofs can be especially at risk to high winds. Hire a licenced roofer, who has experience and references, to ensure your roof is ready for the next storm.

Regularly Inspect and Maintain

Look for signs of wear and tear, like loose shingles and damaged pieces. Addressing minor issues before a storm can prevent them from turning into major problems. Replace the roof as it approaches its maximum lifespan.

Seal Your Roof

Using a good quality roofing cement helps to ensure the edges are sealed and prevents the winds from getting underneath and pulling up materials. Also consider installing edge and eave protectors, such as drip edges and gutter guards.

Add Roof Clips

Steel clips can attach to your roof’s rafters or trusses to secure the roof and prevent it from blowing off. These are especially important in severe weather conditions and in places where wind danger is greatest. Roof clips are able to secure the roof for uplift protection of up to 136-680 kg (300-1500 lbs).

Rope Your Roof Down

In smaller, low-rise buildings, the roof can be anchored with a series of ropes and attached to opposite ends of the building by concrete slabs.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Ensure your windows and doors are closed and sealed. Consider impact-resistant windows and doors for added protection. A sealed property can help prevent damage by keeping the wind from entering and pressurizing the interior.

Whether protecting your home, vacation property, or business, take steps to ensure your roof is protected from high winds and damaging elements. Are you adequately covered from natural threats? Talk to a Staebler Insurance Broker to review your policy and have peace of mind today.

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