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What's a "Broker" anyway?

Brokers are insurance experts uniquely positioned to represent the best interests of Ontario consumers. We don’t work for insurance companies — we shop for policies from multiple companies for the best product and price. We are the consumers’ only source of independent, expert insurance advice.

We are:
  • Licensed Professionals
  • Personal Insurance Advisors
  • Risk Management Experts
  • Consumer Advocates
  • Community Leaders
We offer: 
  • Product Choice
  • Impartial Advice
  • Best Available Coverage
  • Customized Service
  • Peace of Mind

We promise to:
  • Help clients navigate the fine print of insurance contracts
  • Find insurance solutions that suit clients’ individual needs
  • Advocate on clients’ behalf in the instance they make a claim
  • Provide insightful advice by helping clients understand their risk and learn how to protect themselves

Steps to Becoming a Broker 

Becoming an insurance broker isn't as daunting as you may think. Yes, we a registered profession and yes, everyday we have a very important job to do. But once you get started with the fundamentals, a career as an insurance broker is just a few steps away. 

Here's a general outline of becoming registered:

1) Choose a Course

  • A prep course will help you prepare for the RIBO Level 1 Exam
  • We partner with the Insurance Institute (Conestoga Chapter) for their two week course
  • Other options include self study, an online course, and a weekend only course
  • Staebler employees benefit from paid education courses, including exam fees

 2) Pass the Exam

  • No sweat, right? The prep courses are run by certified instructors, will walk you through all the materials to be successful and even give you study aids to help you pass!

3) Find a Job to Become Registered

  • Before qualifying as a registered insurance broker, you have one year to find a job with a RIBO-registered brokerage. Hey! We're a registered brokerage, and we often have openings for new brokers. Check our careers page for more.

Career Benefits

Insurance brokers protect what matters most in people’s lives—their homes, cars, cottages, businesses and assets. Brokers advocate for their customers and offer support when they’ve suffered a loss.

Brokers are always meeting new people and making new connections. Protecting your clients’ assets and providing peace of mind builds trust and long-lasting relationships.

Brokers are active members of the communities they serve. They participate in local events and contribute to charities and causes. By working with so many individuals, professions and industries, brokers learn about the businesses and organizations that drive their local economies.

Brokers serve their clients in multiple languages, connecting with individuals from various backgrounds and communities.

As highly trained licensed professionals, education and training are ongoing and put to use on a daily basis.


Check out the complete list of Current Openings and find out more about working at Staebler Insurance