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Kitchener Ontario Auto Insurance

Delving into the world of auto insurance can be intimidating. Staebler makes it easy by providing its clients with comprehensive policies that protect them in any scenario.
Regardless of what type of vehicle you own, Staebler's team of expert brokers can steer you in the right direction and ensure that you end up with the best insurance plan.

Quality Policies for Every Scenario

Many insurance plans only cover partial damage, which isn't ideal in a lot of situations. For decades, we have worked tirelessly to offer exhaustive policies that protect you no matter the circumstances.
Our extensive experience makes us qualified to recruit a legal team that can successfully help you avoid legal liability and expensive damages.
In the face of an emergency, it can be stressful to deal with legal matters. Our full-coverage policies take away some of that stress so you can focus on getting your life back on track after an accident.
We don't just cover cars. Our policies cover ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and other vehicles. Staebler's mission is to make sure you know your coverage options so you can be prepared in the event of an emergency.

Friendly & Effective Service

Staebler's team of industry experts is committed to giving clients an outstanding customer service experience. One of our main goals is to ensure that you don't feel as intimidated by the logistics of auto insurance.

Kitchener Auto Insurance

It's impossible to prepare for some situations. In the event of a collision, you may be concerned about your options. If you own a vehicle, you may be liable for minor or major damage caused by a crash.
Regardless of how responsible you are, you may not be protected in the face of a collision, which could lead to expensive lawsuits.
Auto insurance covers damages to your vehicle, whatever type of vehicle it may be. Whether you caused an accident, you caused damage to your car, your car is damaged by circumstances out of your control, or an uninsured driver collides with you, you deserve to be protected.
When you are dealing with a traumatic or disastrous situation, you shouldn't have to worry about money. Our insurance policies can ease your worries and make you feel protected during a challenging time.
Staebler is the perfect place to seek our recreational vehicle insurance in Kitchener, motorcycles insurance in Kitchener, trailer insurance in Kitchener, and more.


In most places, auto liability insurance is required by law. If you are at fault for an auto accident, liability insurance helps pay expenses that the other person may have.
There are two kinds of liability insurance: bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage. Most drivers are required to have both types.

Accident Benefits

Accident Benefits are an integral part of the standard Ontario automobile policy. Accident Benefits compensate drivers/passengers who are injured in an accident.
This type of coverage is very important because it protects anyone injured in a car accident and ensures they have the means to pay medical costs and lost income.
Base coverage and upgrade options include income replacement, medical/rehab care, housekeeping/home maintenance, caregiver benefit, indexation, death/funeral, dependent care, and tort deductible.
Click here to learn more about accident benefits.

Uninsured Auto

Uninsured auto coverage is a type of policy that protects you if you are hit by a driver that does not have car insurance.
If you are in an accident in which the other person is at fault, their liability insurance is enacted to help you pay for medical bills or auto repairs. However, if the driver doesn't have auto insurance, you may have to pay for those expenses on your own.
Uninsured auto coverage typically pays for medical expenses resulting from bodily injuries and damage to your property.

Direct Compensation Property Damage

Direct Compensation Property Damage makes it, so you have to deal with your own insurance company to file a claim, regardless of who is at fault for an accident.
This type of coverage means that your claim will be processed without having to wait on a third party to make a decision. It covers damages to your vehicle if someone else was partially or fully at fault for an accident.

Bodily Injury & Property Damage

This type of coverage can help you pay for bodily injury expenses and property damage expenses that you are responsible for when you've causes an accident. If you are sued for further damages, this type of coverage can help you pay legal fees.
It can cover a third party's medical feed, lost wages due to time away from work, and any pain and suffering that was caused by the auto accident.
Property damage liability covers repairs for damaged cars or repairs for any other property damaged during an accident, including fences, homes, and lawn items.
The limits that you choose can either raise or lower your premium.

Staebler Suggestions


OPCF 44 Family Protection Coverage is an auto insurance coverage option that drivers in Ontario can purchase. It is enacted when the at-fault driver's liability insurance is not enough to cover the costs of injured victims.


OPCF 20 is the Loss of Vehicle Use Form. It covers the cost of a rental vehicle while your vehicle is in the process of being repaired or replaced. To purchase this type of coverage, you must have comprehensive and/or collision on your policy.


For a lot of business owners, rental vehicles are a necessity. Whether it's because you are frequently picking up clients or going to meetings that are out of town, a rental vehicle comes in handy.
OPCF 27 gives you coverage for vehicles that you don't own, which includes rental vehicles. This type of coverage is subject to a deductible.


OPCF 43, otherwise known as the "Waiver of Depreciation," can be added to an insurance policy when you purchase a new vehicle.
Coverage is typically available for 2-5 years. If your vehicle is written off in an accident, the policy will allow you to claim the original purchase price of the vehicle.
Tires, betterments, and batteries are not covered.

Keep in Mind

These coverage options are not required. However, if you owe money on your vehicle, your lien-holder/lessor may require that you obtain collision and comprehensive coverage to protect their interests.

Other Vehicles

It isn't just cars that are protected by auto insurance. Remember that all other types of vehicles have the same coverage options as a standard car.
Some of our specialties include ATV insurance in Kitchener and car insurance in Kitchener.

Why Staebler is Different

Many insurance companies try to take advantage of clients by offering plans that are too expensive, considering the value that you get. At Staebler, our team believes that insurance plans should be affordable and address your specific needs.
We want to help you avoid getting stuck with a plan that you may not need. Our brokers exhaust all of the options before helping you decide on a plan. We'll never try and get you to pay more for policies that you don't need.
No matter what type of coverage you're looking for, our team of experts is dedicated to providing advice and guidance throughout the process.
Whether you want to choose for the basics or opt for a more versatile plan, our team has you covered. We never want you to feel intimidated by the logistics and terminology related to insurance policies.
Explore our site to learn more about car insurance in Kitchener, owned and non-owned auto insurance in Kitchener snowmobiles insurance in Kitchener, and more.

Why Choose Us

You should choose Staebler Insurance because we offer affordable plans that meet your unique needs. We never make you pay for features that won't benefit you.
Auto accidents can happen at any time. Whether it's your fault, the fault of another driver, or the fault of circumstances beyond your control, you deserve to be protected. Our highly researched policies take some weight off your shoulders when dealing with the aftermath of a collision.
Dealing with damage to your personal property can be stressful. Legal situations are difficult to navigate for some. Let us be an ally to you so you can take the time you need to rebuild.
For over 140 years, Staebler has been helping residents of Kitchener stay protected in the face of auto accidents. We offer many different plans, including recreational vehicle insurance, ATV insurance, car insurance, trailer insurance, snowmobile insurance, and non-owned auto insurance. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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