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Liability Insurance Guelph

Liability is a thorny issue, but it's one that many of us have to deal with. If you're a landlord, a contractor that uses sub-contractors, or even just a client who hires various vendors, you need liability insurance in Guelph to protect yourself.

Whenever you work with someone else, or even just the general public, you assume some risk. Landlords need to protect themselves legally from their tenants. Contractors need a way of making sure sub-contractors live up to their end of the job, or that they're not left holding the back when there are problems with the sub-contractor's work. Even retail business owners might find themselves at risk if a customer slips or injures themselves on their property. 

Liability insurance protects against all that. It covers claims of liability in the case of injury or property damage due to negligence. You may think it will never happen to you, but accidents are an inevitability. Nobody likes to think about liability, but it's best to be prepared and protected ahead of time instead of just reacting to a crisis. 

Staebler Insurance has been protecting businesses of all kinds for more than 140 years. Our professional brokers know how to identify risk and find you the best combination of value and protection for your insurance investment. It's what we do. Talk to a Staebler agent today about liability insurance in Guelph.