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Liability Insurance Kitchener

Are you a landlord? A contractor using subcontractors? A client who hires vendors to work on your own business premises? Even a general business owner? If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you are likely in need of Liability Insurance in Kitchener. 

General liability insurance covers claims of liability that result from property damage or physical injury due to negligence from the policyholder. Landlords need it from their tenants, some contractors who use subcontractors for various projects may require it, and even business owners are at risk if a customer slips on a wet floor, for example. At Staebler Insurance, we can help select the right policy for your situation. 

Our professional insurance brokers will work to find the best possible coverage for your insurance investment, and we’ll do it with the highest level of service around. That’s our goal, and we believe it’s something we can achieve—after all, we’ve been trusted providers of insurance broker services in Kitchener for over 140 years. 

Don’t allow a liability claim to take over your life and drain your resources. Speak to a Staebler broker today about liability insurance in Kitchener. We’ll speak plainly about your current risk exposure and the adequacy of your coverage, and make sure you’re on the right track to protect yourself and your business.