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Liability Insurance Waterloo

Landlords, contractors using subcontractors, general business owners, and even clients who hire vendors to work on their business premises—all are in need of a little something called liability insurance. In Waterloo, Staebler Insurance can explain the ins and outs of this kind of insurance.

In short, it protects you in the event that your business is found legally responsible for injuries caused to another person or if there's any damage to their property, even when it's due to negligence from the policyholder. If it sounds serious, that's because it is. Landlords need liability insurance from their tenants, and contractors who use subcontractors may require it.

And consider this—what business owner doesn't mop their floors? And how often do customers pay attention to the wet floor sign? Or what if it's winter and the floors get wet and slippery, and a customer trips? Liability insurance is what keeps you covered should the unfortunate occur.

Our friendly Staebler brokers will help select the right policy for your situation, using our impeccable service and unbeatable knowledge in this area. We've been a trusted broker in this community for over 140 years, so we can back up our talk! Call us today about liability insurance in Waterloo and make sure you're protected.