Negligence Insurance Fergus

What's one word you never want associated with your business? Negligence. There are few worse ways for a business's reputation to be marred than to be labeled as negligent. Mistakes are understandable, and accidents happen, but negligence implies a situation that could have been prevented with a little bit of prevention and forethought. That's why you need to be ready to deal with any accusations of irresponsibility with negligence insurance in Fergus.

Negligence is a term that encapsulates several different concepts, but simply put it means a failure to use a degree of care that would be expected by a normal, responsible individual. These can include acts of omission (failure to warn customers of a potential hazard, or failure to consider what was being done with waste materials for example), commission (intentional misrepresentation or dishonesty), or both. 

The problem is, negligence doesn't need to be the result of bad faith. A business can be accused of negligence even in cases of genuine error or accident. Sometimes it is impossible to consider every implication of a decision or accident, and what might seem like willful negligence from an outside perspective with the benefit of hindsight could have been the result of an innocent oversight. 

Regardless of intention, you need to be sure your business is protected in the event of a negligence claim. Our expert brokers can help you secure that protection. Give us a call about your negligence insurance options in Fergus and we'll discuss your business, your reasonable risk factors, identify potential actions to reduce the chance of a negligence claim on your part, and update your policy to keep you and your business protected.