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Negligence Insurance Waterloo

Negligence is one of those terrible words someone never wants to hear associated with their business. It’s a bad news buzzword! The good news is that the bad news doesn’t always need to be so bad—if you’re covered with negligence insurance in Waterloo, that is. At Staebler Insurance, we can make sure you are!

Although the word has a broad definition, put simply it comes down to this: Negligence includes acts of omission, commission, or both, that are conducted with the failure to use the degree of care that an ordinary person would be reasonably expected to under a given set of circumstances. It’s not a pleasant possibility to consider, but a necessary part of a business’s day-to-day operations.

Our Staebler Insurance brokers can answer all of your questions regarding negligence insurance and your business’s needs. We’ve been working on behalf of our clients and finding the best coverage for the right price since 1873. We’re committed to service with a personal touch—you’ll speak with a broker and develop a relationship with a broker who knows you and your business. Communication is our commitment!

If your business is in need of negligence insurance in Waterloo, or if you have questions about it or insurance in general, do give us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.