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Non-owned auto Insurance Cambridge

If you run a business, then you know the work never ends. Everyday there are innumerable little tasks to complete and errands to run just to keep things running smoothly. From meeting clients and customers, running a cheque to the bank, or even just picking up coffee for the team. There is no way for one person to do it all, so chances are you probably send employees out on these occasional errands. But what happens of they get into an accident? Non-owned auto insurance in Cambridge can protect your business if misfortune strikes while an employee is driving their vehicle on your business' behalf.

If an employee gets into an accident while carrying out a work related task, it can absolutely leave a business liable. Even if the employee is driving their own car, has their own insurance, and volunteered to drive - it doesn't matter. One employee getting into a collision while making a coffee run can cost your business thousands in legal fees and tie you up with paperwork and court appointments for months. 

Non-owned auto insurance is designed to prevent that. It will protect your business in the case of misfortune and help settle the matter quickly and fairly. At Staebler Insurance, we've been protecting the people and businesses of Southern Ontario for over 140 years. We know that accidents can happen to anyone at anytime. Don't let your business be derailed by a single unfortunate event.

We're ready to help you today. Call one of our expert brokers for more information on non-owned auto insurance in Cambridge and how it can protect you, your employees, and your business.