Non-owned auto Insurance Fergus

Okay, today is Carl's retirement celebration, that means someone needs to duck out sometime around 11:00 to pick up the cake for the office. There is also a chance at a meeting for a prospective client in the afternoon, but only if someone meets them at their location. And of course, there was that mistake earlier in the week and you need to make it to the bank before close to sign a few documents. It's going to be a busy day with people from the office going from here to there, so what happens if anyone gets in an accident? Trouble. Big trouble. Without non-owned auto insurance in Fergus, every time you or an employee grabs their keys to complete a small errand for work, you're running a big risk.

Everyone has car insurance, but if you read the fine print, you'll notice most policies make exceptions for drivers who are operating on the behalf of a business or organization. Sure, it might be your car, and you're only hopping out to take care of a small thing, but any travel for a business means your policy could leave you in the lurch. If an employee gets saddled with a huge bill their insurance wouldn't cover since they were out and about on your behalf, guess who they're going to be expecting to foot the bill?

Non-owned auto insurance protects both you and your staff. It extends auto coverage to vehicles that your business may not own, but could occasionally be used to carry out some duty or task. In today's busy world, sitting still is not an option. But running around unprotected isn't much of an alternative. With non-owned auto insurance in Fergus, you and your employees can have the freedom to get the job done without worrying about an accident causing major strife or hardship within the business.