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Non-owned auto Insurance Guelph

How often do you need an employee to step out during a work day to complete an errand or task? Probably more often than you'd think. From small errands like dropping off a cheque, running a document out to a nearby client, or even just picking up coffee, it's not usual for employees to spend time away from their desks and on the road. But, what happens if they get into an accident? If an employee gets in a collision while carrying out a task for work, the business can be held liable. Non-owned auto insurance in Guelph protects the company in the event of that exact scenario.

Many employers are unaware of the potential risks of sending employees out on work hours. It doesn't matter if the employee is in their own car (not a provided one), has their own insurance, and even volunteered for the task - the business, not the driver is still the entity on the hook at the end of the day if anything should go wrong. 

Non-owned auto insurance is your business' safeguard against that. While not protecting you or the employee specifically, non-owned auto insurance will protect the business' resources while the matter is being settled, and will do so in a fair manner. 

You might not think much about sending an employee out to pick up a tray of coffees, but even a minor fender bender can turn a quick coffee-run into drawn out boondoggle that costs thousands of dollars. Make sure your business can function freely and with confidence with non-owned auto insurance in Guelph.