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Non-Owned Auto Insurance Waterloo

Coffee run, lunch orders, a trip to the bank or a client meeting... all of these are everyday scenarios faced by your employees. If these employees are taking their own vehicles to make their work-related trips, your company needs non-owned auto insurance in Waterloo. Why? Because accidents happen in this unpredictable world, and non-owned auto insurance from Staebler Insurance is one way to keep business moving.

In the event of an incidental accident during a work trip, non-owned auto insurance protects your business’s resources. If your business is sued, it will avoid having your company’s resources tied up in court and inaccessible or limited while the case is ongoing. It won’t cover you personally or the employee, but consider how many other people work for you—their livelihood relies on the business’s ability to remain operational.

At Staebler Insurance, we understand that you care for both your business and your employees, and non-owned auto insurance in Waterloo is one way to look out for each side. We understand your point of view because we’ve been helping businesses and individuals with their insurance needs since 1873—that’s over 140 years dedicated to insurance!

With us, the client comes first. We’re here to listen to your concerns, answer questions, and help find the best non-owned auto insurance in Waterloo for your needs. Call us and speak to a friendly Staebler broker today!