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Non-owned auto Insurance Woodstock

One of the things you discover when you run a business is that there is never an end to all the small errands and tasks that need to be done. No matter how advanced our telecommunications technology has become, there are still many situations where there is no substitute for a personal touch, and there is no way a person can be everywhere at once.

For some business owners, this means sending employees on the occasional errand. A coffee run here, or a pick-up there. No big deal, right? Well, maybe not. If they should happen to get into an auto accident while technically on the job, the liability for the damage could be placed squarely in your lap. A nasty surprise to be sure. That's why many business owners see the value of non-owned auto insurance in Woodstock as a way of covering their interests while still maintaining the freedom to send employees out on tasks. 

You might think an accident an employee is involved in would be covered under their personal insurance, but you'd be mistaken. If they're on the job, even if just for something as simple as picking up a cake for the office birthday party, your business will be the one on the hook. A simple errand can end up spiraling into thousands of dollars in damages.

Non-owned auto insurance in Woodstock provides a safeguard against that misfortune. It works like auto insurance, but for vehicles not owned by the business. With it, you can rest assured that a fender-bender while an employee runs a cheque to the bank won't result in major losses or headaches. Call a Staebler broker today and find out how to include this protection in your policy!