Peril Insurance Fergus

Home ownership is a journey fraught with perils. While it is likely that you already have a home insurance policy, there is also a good chance that single policy isn't enough to protect your home and finances from the many potential threats to their security. To be truly prepared, you need to look at peril insurance in Fergus.

What is the difference between a "peril” and what might already be protected in your homeowner policy? Well, the main thing that sets perils apart from other concerns is that they are unexpected and accidental. For example, it's expected that your roofing will eventually degrade. As the years roll on and rain, snow, and wind take their tool, it's natural that eventually some shingles will fall off, and you'll need to do some maintenance work on the roof at some point. That's expected, typical. What isn't typical is a small propeller plane crashing into the roof. That's a peril.

Peril insurance is typically broken down into two categories. There are broad policies for "all perils” that includes coverage to typically anything that could be considered an unexpected, unpreventable accident. Then there are "named peril” policies that list specific types of accidents and potential risks. These policies generally demand different premiums. 

Navigating these differences can be difficult, so to determine which is best for you we highly recommend you talk to one of our expert brokers. We'll help you identify potential risk areas to your home, assess what kind of protection you already have, what you reasonably need, and find an affordable peril insurance policy in Fergus that will keep your home and finances secure no matter what unexpected twists come your way.