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Peril Insurance Guelph

Home ownership can be a perilous affair - which is exactly why you need peril insurance in Guelph! The idea of peril insurance might be slightly confusing if you already have a home insurance policy, after all, shouldn't it protect against "perils” of all kinds already? However, there are distinctions to be made between which perils are exactly covered and which you need to specify. Thankfully, you have Staebler Insurance and our expert brokers to help sort through the differences!

Peril insurance can be found in two varieties - an "all perils” policy, or a "named perils” policy. As you might be able to guess, a named perils policy is more specific, protecting your home for a list of explicitly identified hazards and damages. "All perils” is more open, it can be used to cover what isn't specifically mention under named perils. 

The advantage of name perils is that you can protect your home against threats and disasters that might not be included in a more generic package. Things like vehicle and aircraft strikes, lightning, and hail damage can be included as just a few examples. These might seem like unlikely things to worry about for most people, but depending on where your property is located, they might be entirely reasonable precautions for you.

Perils insurance in Guelph can let you customize your protection the way you want. At Staebler, our first priority is protecting our clients, which is why we will always work with you to identify these potential hazards and provide you with top-notch protection at the most affordable rates. Get in touch with one of our expert brokers today.