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Peril Insurance Woodstock

The perils of modern home ownership and many and varied. While you may have a home insurance policy already, there is a good chance that it doesn't cover the entire scope of the many things that can go wrong around the average home. That's why you need peril insurance in Woodstock, as a safeguard against those unfortunate possibilities!

Peril insurance is broken down into two broad categories - "all perils” and "named perils.” These policies are similar in spirit but functionally differ. "Named perils” is for specifically identifying certain hazards. These can be things like lightning strikes, hail, or vandalism just to name a few. 

"All perils” on the other hand is more open, covering unspecified harms. The rates for different named and unnamed perils policies can differ which is why it can be handy to discuss your options with an experienced broker. At Staebler Insurance, we put our clients first. We'll work with you to determine what kind of risks your particular home might be exposed to, what would make sense to list as a named peril, and your other coverage options. 

Perils insurance in Woodstock is not a one-size-fits-all kind of policy! Don't settle for an off the shelf plan that may or may not be suited to your particular needs. Talk with one of our friendly brokers and find the best coverage for you!