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Personal insurance Cambridge

When we think of insurance, most of us think of automobile and home insurance. That's understandable, they're often the largest investments a family will make and most pressing concerns you need to think about. When you step back though, it's easy to see just how limited those kinds of insurance can be when it comes to protecting the important things in your life. At Staebler, we know that your concerns don't end with the roof over your head and the wheels on the road, for everything in between, personal insurance in Cambridge is there to cover you.

Think about the things that bring you joy, are they protected? A summer cottage or lakeside trailer can be an annual sanctuary to rest and recharge your emotional batteries, you want to make sure yours is protected in case anything goes wrong. Taking a vacation to escape the winter cold? It costs so little to insure your trip, your luggage, and cover you in case anything goes wrong. Does anyone in your household work from home? Home office insurance can cover your equipment, provide liability insurance, and so much more for the price of a few cups of coffee a month. 

At Staebler, we know that life is made up of the little things. While its obviously vital to make sure your home and car an insured, it can be just as important to protect the smaller aspects of your life – surprisingly affordable too. Call a Stabler agent today and talk about personal insurance in Cambridge.