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Profits Insurance Cambridge

If a disaster struck your business and forced you to close your doors for a week or longer, could it survive? Many businesses are reliant on a continuous cycle of revenue and an extended loss of income can be devastating, potentially ending the business. But it doesn't have to be like that, with profit insurance in Cambridge you can continue to sustain your business while you recover from a disaster.

Let's say your business suffers a disaster in the form of a fire. You're thinking "that's terrible, but my fire insurance will cover the damaged physical assets” and that's true. But what fire insurance won't cover is the weeks or even months it may take to rebuild, retool, and get your business operating again. During a lengthy recovery, it's easily possible to bleed so much money and lose so much income that even after repairing the damages a business may fold under the strain.

Profit insurance prevents that. It provides your business with a stream of income during the recovery period to make the transition as seamless and easy as possible. While obviously recovering from a disaster is going to be difficult no matter what, with profit insurance it can seem, at least on the books, that everything was business as usual.

At Staebler, we know you've worked to build your business. It represents more than just a job, it's a point of pride. Don't let a single accident or disaster derail everything you've worked so hard to create. Call a Staebler agent today about profit insurance in Cambridge.