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Roadpost Group Insurance

At Staebler Insurance, it’s our goal to be chosen by our customers as a trusted provider of insurance solutions—we do this by fostering and nurturing ongoing relationships with our clients, because we don’t want to be just another set of anonymous figures in your interactions. When you call Staebler, you’ll speak to a real person who knows you and your account, every time you call!

And did you know that we offer Roadpost group insurance to employees and retirees of Roadpost Satcom? You’re eligible for up to 40% off your home and auto insurance, offered through another fine Canadian company, Northbridge Insurance. That’s right—we understand the principle of "buying Canadian” too.

In the same way that thousands of people rely on voice and data solutions from Roadpost Satcom, Staebler Insurance wants to be the broker you rely on for expertise that acts in your interest. We’ve been in business for one hundred and forty years, and we plan to be around for one hundred and forty more—at least!—which means providing you with the best experience possible.

Call and talk to a Staebler broker today about Roadpost group insurance. It’s easy to switch, and if you ask us, it’s the best deal around.