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Rosetown Central Group Insurance

In 1873, J.M. Staebler worked as an insurance broker in the village of Berlin, Ontario… and by 1935, he had built it into a successful, incorporated business run by the third generation of Staeblers! The phrase "Be Wise, Staeblerize!” became a catchphrase for the business, and we’ve continued to grow right alongside the community for the past one hundred and forty years.

We know that Rosetown Central values the kind of hard work, dedication, and persistence that has brought both Staebler Insurance and your business to where they are today. You’ve given forty years of excellent service to your clients, and that’s something worth celebrating. And while insurance may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to celebration, we think this will make you cheer: Rosetown Central group insurance that offers employees and retirees up to 40% off home & auto insurance.

It’s not cake or balloons, but saving money on insurance is still pretty exciting! We’re able to offer this group buying power through Northbridge Insurance, a 100% Canadian owned and operated company. Our group insurance specialists are dedicated to making this offer work for you, which is why we don’t use a call center—you talk to a real person who knows you and who knows your account, every time you call!

So, go ahead and take advantage of Rosetown Central group insurance. You’re an innovative leader in computer technology in your industry, and we believe that the group insurance rates we can offer are innovative for our industry, too. Give us a call today, and make the switch to savings in just minutes.

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