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Snowmobiles Insurance Guelph

They say winter officially starts on December 21, but I don't need a calender to figure it out. I know winter has really hit when I can hear the revving of engines coming off the local fields. When thick treads cut distinctive patterns in the nearby hills and trails. Call it "Canadian meteorology” or a mechanized forecast, but I know winter is really here by the snowmobiles! 

While you might be as excited as everyone else to celebrate that first real snowfall, make sure you're protected with snowmobile insurance in Guelph before going out to join them!

If you've ever owned a snowmobile, you probably know they aren't all fun and games. An expensive investment at the best of times, a responsible owner will want to provide extra maintenance and care to make sure their machine is performing its best before diving into the white void of a random field kilometers from home. You don't want your ride letting you down in the middle of nowhere, nor do you want that snowmobile you spent so much on sitting in the shed all winter due to a breakdown. 

We also need to be realistic about what a snowmobile is. They're essentially off-road motorbikes – undeniably awesome, but also potentially dangerous. Accidents out on the trail can be deadly serious. Whether you get thrown from your ride, collide with another snowmobile, or strike a person or animal, the results won't be pretty. You need to be able to focus on the situation at hand, and later on your personal recovery, instead of sweating about medical bills and legal liability.

A professionally arranged snowmobile insurance policy can prevent all that. In Guelph and the rest of Southern Ontario, Staebler Insurance works with the best insurance companies in the business to find the exact package you need. We work closely with companies that specialize in recreational vehicles and can provide the best protection possible at an affordable rate. Make sure to call us before Canadian winter begins and the call of the nearest wide open plain becomes too loud to ignore!