Domenic Sturino Centric CEO

Marco de Bruyn

RIB (Ont), CAIB, CSIP, Vice President, Personal Solutions

Team - Management

Additional Language: Afrikaans

If you love cars, road trips and great music, then you’ll love Marco. Making sure his clients are looked after is music to his ears because he’s fueled by helping others. His obsession with cars, gives him the upper hand when helping clients with their auto policies. He won’t stop there, Marco finds the right solutions for all his clients including home and business.‎

He’s RIBO (Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario) licenced and has achieved his CAIB (Canadian Accredited Insurance Broker) designation, so he’s got what it takes to get the job done.

You could run into Marco in the Muskokas which is where he likes to spend down time with family and friends.

In November 2021, Marco became Vice President of Staebler’s Personal Solutions department.

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