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Tenants Insurance Cambridge

Planning on renting out your home space? Then you need tenants insurance in Cambridge! No matter how long you plan on renting a place out, a few weeks, months, a year, or to whom, you need to be protected from the unexpected! As a renter or tenant, you can be held legally responsible for any damage or harm that befalls the building or anyone visiting. That includes fire, water damage, slips and falls, any kind of injury. With such a huge variety of things that could go wrong, it would be crazy not to take precautions!

Staebler has been in the insurance business for over 140 years. In that time we have heard every possible rental nightmare you can think of. Renters returning after a few months away to find their place completely abandoned and flooded. Bizarre cases where a tenant has smuggled in a bunch of exotic pets that ruin the house in all kinds of unpleasant and creative ways. Or a property owner trying to rent out the same place to multiple people - after one has already been staying there for more than a month! It's a crazy world and the rental business seems to bring them all out of the woodwork.

Thankfully, our years have experience have also trained us on how to handle those situations and (most importantly) how to avoid them in the first place. The first step is and always well be a well designed policy for tenants insurance! In Cambridge our expert brokers can and will find the right plan for you. Give us a call today and we'll give you the peace of mind and security that comes from knowing your protected no matter what this crazy world throws at you.