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Tenants Insurance Elmira

This apartment is nice, but it isn’t where you plan to live too long, so you don’t need tenant’s insurance, right? Sorry to say, but that’s wrong! No matter how long you plan to stay in an apartment or rental space, whether it’s going to be a few months or a few years, you need to protect yourself with tenant’s insurance in Elmira!

We tend to think of rentals as a hands-off affair. After all, you don’t own the building and your landlord or building owner is required to have their own insurance, so what’s the point? Sadly, that isn’t necessarily true. The landlord’s insurance only insures the building itself. Anything that is lost in an accident like a fire is the responsibility of the tenants. So all your clothes, your furniture, your owned appliances and electronics, gone in a puff a smoke. 

And that’s not all. As a tenant, there are instances where you can be held personally accountable for damages. It’s not uncommon for tenants to be held liable for slip and fall instances, and if there is a more serious problem that originates from your unit (like a fire or a water leak), you could be liable for the resulting damage to the building

Thankfully, these situations can be avoided with the affordable coverage of a tenant’s insurance policy. In Elmira, you won’t find a better deal than the one you’ll find through a Staebler broker.  We’ll look at your building, your possessions, and your risk profile and fight to get you the best coverage at the lowest price! Don’t let yourself be vulnerable even if you think of your apartment as temporary, fill out the form below and be protected!