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Tenants Insurance Guelph

If you’re planning on renting out your home space, tenants insurance in Guelph is an absolutely necessity. Whether the situation is a temporary thing like a few days or weeks, or a long-term scenario, you need to protect yourself from the unexpected. 

Many renters are unaware of the full risks they assume when they sign their place out to temporary tenants. As a renter, you can be held legally liable for any injuries or damages sustained by someone visiting your property. This includes anything from a slip and fall accident, to more severe disasters such as fire or water damage.

Tenants insurance also protects you from acts of negligence or malice from your tenants. In our 140 year of providing insurance to the people of Ontario, we’ve heard rental nightmare stories you wouldn’t believe. Tenants abandoning a house after rigging it to flood, exotic pets like snakes getting loose and deciding to live in the walls, tenants that take it upon themselves to paint every single wall in the house a different garish colour. These things do happen, and they happen more than you might expect.

Don’t become another wild story. If you’re renting your place, protect yourself with tenant insurance in Guelph. Call one of our helpful brokers today for a quote.