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Kenneth E, Waterloo, ON

I am very pleased to provide you with feedback on my experience with Staebler in general, and with Sanja Glibota in particular. I recently had Sanja recommended to me after I had two people tell me that she was able to save them a considerable amount annually on home and vehicle insurance. I called Sanja and with very little effort on my part (and on a weekend), she was able to not only provide me with quotes but also save on annual premiums on my home and car insurance. I had been with my previous insurance for 30 years and thought I was getting good rates. With little more than a few phone calls to Sanja I was able to save quite a bit annually. Sanja is thorough, accurate, patient (I’m not so good at remembering some things…) and most of all wonderful to deal with. I would gladly recommend her services to anyone who was interested in shopping around for better rates on their insurance. (August 2020)

Tim W, Kitchener

Marco is very professional and prompt in responding to our insurance requests and changes. He has always taken time to source the best provider and coverage for our purposes with a dedication to customer service that is rare and much appreciated! (July 2020)

Jessie, Ontario

I wanted to let you know how awesome Tori has been. So far we have transferred over three new insurance policies to her (auto, home and business) and we couldn’t be happier... saved about $1200 this year if my math is right. I’ve been working with a few brokers and she is by far the most organized, and professional. Thanks for the referral! (May 2020)

Jeff S, Kitchener

I am very pleased with the response that I received from Lidia Pineda at Staebler. Changing over my car insurance after purchase of a new vehicle was very easy, thanks to her. Nice to have personal service versus a phone number. (May 2020)

Kevin, Kitchener

I have been a customer of Staebler Insurance for 20 years, and I have always been impressed by the responsiveness of their team. I currently connect with Lidia on home, vehicle and property insurance. Her knowledge and efficiency is remarkable. There is a reason we do not go anywhere else. (November 2019)

Jennifer J, Nairn Centre, ON

I have been dealing with Sanja Glibota and I could not be happier. She bundled all my insurances today (something no other insurance agent advised me to do) and saved me a great deal of money. She is by far the best broker I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. (August 2019)

Patrick Z, Oncan Limo

Oncan Limo is very pleased with the quality of service you provide us at Staebler Insurance. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business.

I rely on dependable service from suppliers like you to help us keep our schedule and satisfy our customers. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to continuing our business relationship. I have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service.

We look forward to doing business with you for years to come. (February 2018)

Tatiana B, Barrie, ON

Sanja has been helping me for over three years and she has always been incredible! Every renewal she looks for the best prices to see if we are saving or if we could save more. Keep up the good job!! (April 2019)

David W, Ajax, ON

Our experience with Staebler has been incredible. Our agent, Sanja has been phenomenal to work with. They respond to your requests, even on the weekend. When I recently had a car accident, Sanja was very proactive and took care of everything. I would highly recommend Staebler! (February 2019)

Susan S, Oshawa, ON

I have been with Staebler Insurance for 35 years. They have handled my home, cars and cottage insurance. When my long standing agent retired my new agent Sanja answered all my questions, calmed my fears, was friendly, informed and extremely helpful. Due to the good service this brokerage has always offered me I have no reason to go anywhere else. (May 2018)

Mary F, Guelph, ON

We have been with Staebler Insurance for a few years now. We refer all our friends and family to Marco de Bruyn. Marco has always been very professional and goes above and beyond in all aspects of our insurance needs. I have never had the personal service from any other insurance company like the personal service Marco provides us. We are very happy that Marco is there for us and I tell him all the time how much we appreciate him! (February 2018)

Shayna S, Cambridge, ON

We have been long time clients of Staebler, and in a pinch I needed documents. I found out our broker was away and I thought it wouldn't be possible. But to my surprise, I received a call back within 5 minutes. I explained the situation and that it was urgent. The [backup] broker told me that I didn't have to panic and was able to take care of everything for me – I didn't have to lift a finger! I was so pleased and shocked at the wonderful care I was given, even when I was in a pinch! THANK YOU! (November 2018)

John and Debbie, Point Clark, ON

Penny Beacock, our broker is the one we thank for how the experience turned out! Penny worked beyond all our expectations even when we were turned down by Northbridge.
Penny had me send more pictures and copies of our drainage system to ensure that those who gave the final answer were well informed in all the details. My husband and I pay our insurance costs each month and have for years because we believe it is the responsible thing to do. I would never be without insurance but did consider looking for another company.
We will remain with Northbridge and the one I thank for that is Penny Beacock. Please let Penny know how I feel. (May 2018)

Randy M, Kitchener, ON

Thanks so much...Sanja is the best broker I ever have had there. I really appreciate all you have done and how helpful and knowledgeable you are and the time you take to make sure I understand everything. Way to Go!! (March 2018)

Ivana, JL Del Rio Xpress Inc.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for addressing this matter so promptly and professionally. My experience with the Staebler COMMERCIAL TEAM has been very positive in the past and today was no different! Please share my feedback with your supervisor. Good work needs to be acknowledged!

Brendan R, Waterloo, ON

Thanks for connecting me with Tyler! Everything went very smoothly and he found me a great deal on both my auto and the upcoming home insurance. He was excellent to deal with and I have just referred my fiancé to him for her auto insurance as well! (August 2018)

Alberto C, Kitchener, ON

I recently got into a collision with a transport. It was a very traumatic and difficult experience, I have never been in an accident before and I did not know how to go about with insurance or even the police for the matter. I got in contact with my broker Lidia Pineda and she was a phenomenal and knowledgeable individual who helped me through all the steps and process on how to claim and who to speak to. She was very concerned with my physical state and understood how difficult it was for me to deal with but she saved me from further stress and supported me 100%. I thank her til this day for her knowledge, support and her undivided attention. Thank you Lidia P. (May 2018)

David S, Brantford, ON

Four years later, and still loving the service I get from Staebler. Just last year I had an insurance claim (100% not my fault) and the carrier was giving me a lot of problems. Staebler stepped in and straightened things out right away! (March 2018)