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Townhouse Insurance Cambridge

When you live in a townhouse, it's easy to assume that insurance is the responsibility of the property owner. This could be a tragic assumption to make! Townhouse insurance in Cambridge is essential for protecting yourself and your property, even if you're not the landlord!

These situations can be confusing. There are so many different types of insurance out there and responsibility is divided up between so many people and in so many ways it can be a real spider-web to untangle. It's reasonable to assume that if the townhouse needed some kind of large repair, that would fall under the landlords responsibility and insurance, but what if you've made improvements to your townhouse, are those covered as well? What about your personal belongings? If a pipe bursts and all your furniture is eight inches underwater, what happens then? What if there is an accident on the property, somebody slips and falls down the stairs? Who is taking the responsibility there?

This is what we do, this is our job. To sort through all the messy details, hypotheticals, and provisions in you and your landlords insurance and distill it down to what is important to you, our client. We're experts at it! Staebler Insurance has been around for over 140 years and that isn't an accident or a fluke. We are dedicated to our clients and committed to protecting them in every conceivable way we can, that's what has made us such a respectable name in the business.

Call us today to discuss townhouse insurance. In Waterloo we have agents who will gladly listen to your needs and concerns, break down every detail, and find a package that protects you at the most affordable rates on the market.