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Townhouse Insurance Elmira

Rental properties can be confusing at times. Who is responsible for what? It’s not technically your building, but the contents are your property. Upkeep is not your responsibility, but tenants can be considered liable for certain accidents or issues. How do you untangle these knots? With a Staebler broker of course! We’ll guide you through the finer points of townhouse insurance in Elmira so you don’t have to worry about loose ends or loop holes.

Townhouse insurance is similar to apartment or condo insurance, but with one major difference – it also applies to property outside of the building. Any improvements you’ve made, any additions like a shed, a deck, a BBQ, or any other equipment you might own can be covered under a townhouse insurance policy. This is fantastic for long-term tenants who have likely made some improvements or investments in the place over the years. Normally, if those belongings were damaged in a fire or other accident, there would be no compensation available through the landlord’s insurance or a regular condo policy.

It also provides protection in instances of personal liability. We’ve all heard horror stories about guests or salespeople injuring themselves on a property and holding the occupant liable for the damages. While you might think one of the perks of renting is avoiding that kind of trouble, we’re sad to say tenants can still be held liable in situations like that.

But with townhouse insurance in Elmira, you’ll be protected in such an occurrence. We bet you didn’t know that, which is precisely why you need a Staebler broker on your side! Fill out the contact information below and get in touch with one of our reps. We’ll make sure you have the best protection available at the best price possible.