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Trailer Insurance Cambridge

Some of my best memories are the summers I spent up at the lake in my parent's trailer. But to be honest, some of my worst memories are also from there! I don't think we ever had a single summer without some kind of "incident” popping up. Whether it was a sewage back up (ewww), or when one of our neighbors knocked over a tree with his truck that ended up right on top of us, or when my mother almost blew away while she was trying to get the awning down mid-windstorm. There was always something.

That's why for as fun and carefree as summers at the trailer can be, it's important to be smart about them as well. No summer is complete without it's disaster anecdote, but you want to make sure your trailer survives to see the next one! Thankfully, it's never been easier to protect your trailer with affordable comprehensive insurance. There are plenty of options available and our expert brokers would be more than happy to find the right solution for you.

Your family may not be as accident prone as mine, but problems at the trailer can still pop up. Staebler has been in the business of making sure people can enjoy their summers for over 140 years and running. Talk to a broker about trailer insurance in Cambridge today so we can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on more important things, like dodging falling trees.