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What You Need to Know

Privacy Policy
Staebler Insurance is committed to respecting your right to privacy and safeguarding your personal information. Learn more.

Customer Service Policy
In addition, our organization is committed to ensuring that goods and services are offered in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities. Learn more.

Additional resources are available here (open as PDFs): RIBO Fact Sheet  |  CISRO Principles of Conduct for Intermediaries


Our brokerage income is earned from commissions that are part of your insurance premium. 

It is natural to wonder if this presents us with a conflict of interest; after all, the bigger the premium, the more commission comes to us.

Staebler is firmly committed to getting the best deal for our clients without any consideration to the amount of commission earned. We are bound by industry regulations and our core values do not allow us to consider commission when placing clients’ accounts.

Why would we do that? We believe that when we do the best broker job for you by negotiating with the insurance companies for the best value proposition, we will earn your trust and confidence, and that will ultimately work in our best interest.

We know that keeping our clients for the long term and having you recommend us to your friends and family are keys to our success.

A complete list of Insurance Companies that we represent is available upon request. Please contact or 519.743.5221 for more information


 Standard Commission Range

 Standard Commission Range


 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 
 The Guarantee

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 
 Old Republic

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

 5%–12.5%   10%–20% 

Other Incentives

On occasion, insurance companies offer rewards, promotions, or other incentives to the brokerage as part of ad hoc marketing and sales campaigns. These incentives are not guaranteed and do not interfere with our obligations to our clients. Staebler is committed to remaining independent and not allowing additional incentives to persuade our decision making. Industry regulations and our core values mandate we always maintain our clients’ best interest during every transaction.


H. L. Staebler Co. Ltd. Is privately owned and no insurance company or financial institution has any ownership in the brokerage.