Water Insurance Fergus

I have two questions for you. One, did you know that your home insurance policy won't protect you in the event of overland flooding or storm surges? Two, are you one of the hundreds of thousands of homeowners in Canada who has converted their basement into a den, extra room, gym, or studio? No matter how you answer, chances are you should be thinking about water insurance in Fergus.

There are a lot of ways a home can incur water damage. It could something as simple as a heavy storm, a rainfall that overloads the gutters, overfills the river and local drainage points, and leaves the water pooling around your home. It could be nasty, a sewage back up or pipe breakage. In any case, water always seeks the lowest point – meaning it's moving directly towards your basement where you might be keeping anything from expensive electronics, to a fully furnished bedroom.

Make sure you won't be stuck sopping wet. Talk to a Staebler broker about water insurance in Fergus. Our friendly brokers will help assess exactly what your current policy covers, what kind of risk factors you might be facing (proximity to water, the lay and condition of the home, etc) and form suggestions based on that honest assessment.