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Water Insurance Guelph

It’s true that your home insurance policy covers many types of water damage, however, there are some water related damages that are not included in that coverage. Overland flooding for example, or storm surges that result in damage. Knowing what your current coverage provides for and what it doesn’t is essential, which is why you should speak to a Staebler agent about water insurance in Guelph today.

We don’t think about them, but there are all sorts of unusual ways our homes may be damaged by water. If your hot water heater leaks for example and floods the basement. Or if a water main in front of your house breaks, or a sewer backup. Your current coverage might not cover these kinds of accidents, but they’re not so far out of the realm of possibility that you can just ignore them.

At Staebler, we work for you, our client. You can always depend on us to give it to you straight and recommend insurance based on what you really need. We’ll look at your existing coverage, see where the gaps are, and then determine your risks and build a policy around protecting you from those vulnerabilities. We always aim to offer our clients the best value we can with the best protection possible.

Water insurance in Guelph can be confusing to try and figure out on your own, but that’s why we’re here. At Staebler, we’re more than happy to put our 140 years of insurance experience and knowledge to use for you! Call us today and speak with one of our brokers.