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Water Insurance Waterloo

Before you read any further, it's important to clarify one thing: Your homeowners insurance policy will not protect you against storm surges or overland flooding. Other forms of water damage may be covered, but water insurance in Waterloo covers a very specific array of incidents. At Staebler Insurance, we understand how confusing this can be, and we're here to help make sense of it for you.

It's true that water damage can take a variety of forms, such as a sewer backup into your basement, a leaky hot water heater, or a break in the water main. When you call and speak to a knowledgeable Staebler broker, they'll ask about your home's construction and location, because it's important to factor in all of these details to assess risk.

Any instance of water damage is going to be inconvenient and potentially costly, but the silver lining is that when you work with a Staebler broker, if you have a claim to make, we become the personal link between you and the insurance company. We'll go to bat for you! If we weren't on your side, we'd find ourselves out of a job, so we'll fight on your behalf.

Our expertise comes from being a pillar in this community for over 140 years, allowing us to use our pull with insurance companies to get the best possible resolutions for our clients. Call us today and ask about water insurance in Waterloo. We look forward to speaking with you!