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Waterloo County Board of Education Group Insurance

It was in 1873 that J.M. Staebler was working in Berlin, Ontario as an insurance broker on Queen Street. The community grew exponentially during those years, and Staebler left his brokerage to his son, H.L Staebler—who then passed it on to a third generation, and so on and so forth. Yes, we have a long history in this area, but why should you are?

Today, Staebler remains a family-focused business—an insurance brokerage with a heart, that enjoys seeing families thrive, grow, and prosper. One of the ways we’re proud to do this is through Waterloo County Board of Education group insurance. It might not sound like much, but this group buying insurance program allows employees and retirees of the Waterloo County Board of Education to save up to 40% off regular home and auto insurance rates.

We think that sounds like the perfect money-saving opportunity for families, because while no one wants to go without protection—life tends to bring those unexpected roadblocks at the least convenient times, doesn’t it?—getting that protection with a little less out-of-pocket expense makes it that much sweeter.

We’re a Canadian company who works with 100% Canadian insurance provider Northbridge Insurance, bringing you savings and personal, one-to-one service. We’ve been a trusted insurance broker for 140 years, since J.M.’s little home office to today’s building on Victoria Street.

You work hard enough to grow and nurture young minds throughout the week—let your insurance protection provide a little extra peace of mind! Give us a call, and ask how we can transfer you to Waterloo County Board of Education group insurance today.