Weber Supply Group Insurance

We love working with other companies who have a long-standing history in the Kitchener-Waterloo area—our origin story at Staebler Insurance begins in 1873, almost twenty years after Weber Supply! Still, we find that having a deep-rooted history in the area means many shared values and philosophies—primarily, the belief that there is nothing that compares to one-on-one sales.

This is why, despite the generic-sounding nature of "group insurance,” we have two dedicated group insurance specialists who can speak to you personally about the Weber Supply group insurance program we currently offer. Group insurance takes advantage of group buying power—without sacrificing service—and can save you up to 40% off home and auto insurance.

We don’t use call centers, we don’t use an automated system that you’ll be stuck in for hours… just good, old-fashioned human contact. It’s the personal touch, the one-to-one service that makes a difference, because it means there’s someone on the other end who knows you and who knows your account and your needs.

At Staebler Insurance, we’re the advocates when you have a claim, acting as the personal link between you and the insurance company. We believe that’s what we do best: we provide expertise, acting in your interest! If you’re an employee or retiree of Weber Supply, group insurance may be just what you need to save you money while maintaining the peace of mind of necessary coverage. Give us a call today—we can’t wait to speak with you.