Your Business Insurance


“I don’t have enough risk in my business”

“I’m not big enough to need it”

“I‘m sufficiently covered by my personal insurance”



Business is risky.
You have more on the line than you might think.
Don’t risk your livelihood by not having the coverage you need.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to be sued like one.
Protect the income you and your employees rely on.

Your personal insurance is not enough! It does not cover your business.


Essential Business Insurance


This covers your physical property including your buildings, your equipment, your materials or stock, tools, office furniture and more.

Not insuring to the full value can cost you! If you don’t have the right amount of insurance, your claim payment will be reduced. And remember, there is a difference between market value and rebuild/replacement cost.


Could you go without income for weeks after a claim? This coverage can replace the income on which your family and your employees‘ families rely. Learn more about Business Interruption Insurance.


35% of private companies in Canada experience a loss due to workplace crime. This covers those types of losses.


If you rely on vehicles, getting back on the road means getting back to business!


Your personal liability is not enough! This covers your legal bills and settlements made against you and your business.

important extras for Business Insurance


Keep your production line running! This covers sudden and accidental breakdown of electrical, mechanical and pressure equipment.


Dirty deeds aren’t dirt cheap! This covers environmental remediation and clean-up expenses. Your General Liability alone won’t cover this.


General Liability is not always enough! This provides coverage for your errors in your professional service and advice, resulting in financial loss for your customer.


Access Denied! Your business is responsible for any private information you keep on file. You’ll need this coverage. Learn more about Cyber Insurance and Requirements.


Your personal liability is not enough! This covers your legal bills and settlements made against you and your business.

Bonding (Surety)


More and more, contractors are being required to provide bonding when bidding on or completing projects.


Lots of other businesses require bonding such as:

• Court Bonds
• Customs & Excise Bonds
• License & Permit Bonds
• Lost Document Bonds

Additional Perks for Our Clients

Insurance Premium Financing

We offer premium financing for commercial clients. Please visit Commercial Premium Financing to learn more

Prestige Insurance Program

A dedicated and experienced broker for your personal insurance. Receive superior service to handle your unique or complex personal insurance needs. Learn more: Prestige Insurance Program

Group Rate Insurance

Group Rate Insurance provides discounts to help your employees save money on their car and home insurance, and it’s free to you! Get started at Group Insurance Plan

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