PREMIUM Financing

Unlock capital to help your business grow


Preserves working capital without the need for collateral

Ability to free up cash flow for your business

Consolidate your premiums with the same effective date into one finance plan

Access additional credit without disturbing your existing line of credit

Competitive and fixed interest rates

Premium Financing Available

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting an insurance broker that will help you and protect your business.

Backed by the experience and expertise that our clients have come to expect from Staebler Insurance, we are providing more ways to be there and provide value for our service.

Commercial insurance policies are complicated and the premiums can represent a large expense for businesses. Through Stable Premium Financing and FIRST Insurance Premium Funding of Canada, we offer a cost-effective, convenient, and simple way to pay for your insurance premiums.

Consider that premium financing provides your business the ability to be flexible with finances. Think of it as unlocking capital without the need of putting up collateral. In turn you can use this freed up cash flow to help grow and invest in other areas of your business. (Keep in mind, the collateral is in fact your insurance policy, and if for any reason payments are not paid according to the contract, the policy may be cancelled by the financing company.)

Unlike a bank there is not the need to leverage important assets to receive financing. And keep in mind; premium financing doesn’t affect any of your existing credit arrangements. You’re also able to consolidate all of your insurance policies with the same effective date into one financing plan, freeing up your time and obligations to focus on more important things.

As an added convenience you can opt for a pre-authorized payment plan and you won’t have to plan or worry about making payments on time.

Premium financing at Staebler is easy to apply for and is offered for most commercial policies. Speak with your broker for more information and to find out how it can benefit your business.

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Employee perk! Group discounts can save your employees money off their own insurance, and it’s free to you! For more details please visit our Group Rate Insurance Plan

Even More Options: You have choices how and when to pay for your premium. Visit Premium Payment Options to learn more.

Premium Financing

Staebler Insurance offers premium financing services to customers through financing partnerships. Generally, for financing contracts of values in excess of $250,000, financing arrangements are made with FIRST Insurance Funding of Canada. Staebler Insurance receives a portion of the financing fee collected by FIRST. Generally, for financing contracts of values less than $250,000, financing arrangements are made with Stable Premium Financing Ltd. Stable Premium Financing has some common ownership to and is an affiliated company with Staebler Insurance.

In certain circumstances, Staebler Insurance may engage with additional financing partners to facilitate premium financing arrangements for customers. In those circumstances, it is common that Staebler Insurance receives a portion of the financing fee collected.

Treating Customers Fairly

Staebler Insurance is committed to treating customers fairly.  To learn more about how we are compensated and our ongoing commitment to you, please visit Treating Customers Fairly.