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Drivers in Ontario have the option to access their proof of insurance coverage (pink slip) from their smartphone or other device. This electronic proof of insurance (ePinkSlip) is accepted by authorities in Ontario – e.g. at roadside stops or car registration renewals. See below for steps to obtain your digital pink slip and helpful tips to keep in mind.


  • Visit Staebler's eDocument Kiosk
  • Enter the email address associated with your Staebler account 
  • You will receive an email (Subject: Confirm Your Email) with a secure link to access your account 
  • Click on My Documents then select which vehicle you'd like an ePinkSlip for


Staebler's ePinkSlips makes it easy to scrap your printed pink slip for a digital one

  • Download to your digital wallet 

It's important to have it downloaded and stored on your device, in case of situations of low battery or poor cell signal

  • Share with other drivers 

If you're lending your car to a friend, you can send them a copy of the ePinkSlip as proof of insurance

  • Lock and secure your device 

It's important to remember your device may contain sensitive information. Follow the guides below to lock your screen

Note: Digital pink slips are only available with issued policies. Temporary pink slips will still be distributed by paper. Drivers are responsible to show their proof of insurance, regardless of a broken screen, poor reception, technical issue, or otherwise


Both Android and Apple devices allow users to LOCK their screen to a single application.

This is important to remember when handing your device to someone, as this feature restricts the view to only the digital pink slip, and not the active phone. Once the lock screen function has been activated, it remains operational until the device is unlocked again by passcode or fingerprint.

Step-by-step instructions are available for Android and Apple devices.


1. Is the paper version of the insurance card (paper pink slip) being eliminated?

No. The paper version of the insurance card will continue to be available from insurance providers on an ongoing basis. Ontarians now have choice about how they wish to show proof of auto insurance. Policyholders who elect to receive an electronic insurance card always have the option of also requesting a paper version.

2. Am I now required to use electronic proof of auto insurance instead of my paper pink slip?

No. Using electronic insurance cards is optional for policyholders. The electronic insurance card is just one more option for you to show proof of auto insurance, if you choose to receive it and your insurer provides an electronic option. The policyholder must consent to receive electronic proof of auto insurance.

3. Who is responsible for any damage to my device that may be caused during the inspection of a digital pink slip?

Consumers who choose to use an electronic insurance card are responsible for any risk or damage when using an insurance card on their own device(s).

4. Can I transfer or email my digital pink slip to others, such as a friend or family member who is using my vehicle?

Yes. Electronic insurance cards must include the capability for policyholders to email or transfer the electronic insurance card to others when their vehicle is being used with the owner’s consent. The electronic insurance can also be transferred to law enforcement if requested for further inspection.

See a complete list of Frequently Asked Questions from the FSRA.

Travelling outside of Ontario?

While the use of digital pink slips is accepted in Ontario, not all provinces or states have adopted this convenience. Canadian provinces Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and the Northwest Territories and Yukon have joined Ontario with epinkslips. In addition, 43 states accept electronic proof of auto insurance. It is important that you continue to carry traditional proof of auto insurance (i.e. the paper version) when driving outside of Ontario.