How We Are Compensated

Brokerage compensation is part of your insurance premium. Staebler Insurance has relationships with many insurance companies.

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Standard Commission Compensation Ranges





5% - 12.5%

10% - 20%

10% - 20%

15% - 30%

Contingent Profit Commission

Insurance Companies seek to maintain their profitability and thereby have competitive pricing to retain their current customers and attract new customers. Because of this many insurers offer contingent profit commissions. Many agreements between brokers and insurers include contingent profit commissions, which are calculated separately from standard commissions to recognize business placed with the insurer that produces a profit. The contingent commissions can range between nil and an additional 9% of the premium on the policy. The contingent profit commission is not a guaranteed amount and it has been our experience that it is very unpredictable. These amounts can, and have been, totally eliminated by one claim.

Administrative Fees

There may be administrative fees of up to 1% of the policy premium, paid by other companies, including finance companies, to cover costs for information technology services or other administrative tasks performed by the brokerage.

Equity Positions

H. L. Staebler Co. Ltd. is owned privately and no insurance company or financial institution has any ownership in the brokerage.