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Debbie Kennedy

RIB (Ont), CSIP, Service Team Leader, Commercial Solutions

Commercial Solutions

With over 24 years in the industry, Debbie is looked upon for her expertise and leadership within our commercial service teams. Her move to Staebler brought along her deep knowledge of the transportation industry, providing customer service excellence and sound advice for our clients. Since then she has obtained her CSIP (Customer Service for the Insurance Professional) designation.

Away from the office, Debbie maintains a very active life. She is the member of a local fitness bootcamp that challenges her four days a week and she will often add in long jogs around the neighbourhood. She’s also very passionate about cooking and baking, and is always looking for new, healthy and fun recipes to try out.

Debbie’s journey continues: She’s grown to work on more commercial property and casualty risks which has increased her knowledge and developed her into a better-rounded broker.

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