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Courtney Mader

RIB (Ont), Broker, Personal Solutions

Personal Solutions

Courtney loves to be active. Between exercising, travelling, hiking and other outdoor activities, she’s always on the move. She’s also developed a passion for health and wellness, keeping up on the latest industry trends and new ways to keep the body moving.

Her background includes over 10 years’ experience in client-facing roles including hospitality. She has a few close friends at Staebler who got her intrigued about the industry. Fast forward to when an opportunity came up, and thanks to her friend’s advice, she jumped at it. Since then Courtney has obtained her RIBO (Registered Insurance Broker of Ontario) licence and she looks forward to creating long lasting relationships with her clients.

With her education background and experience, she is a great resource for clients. Give her a call and let her find your insurance solutions today.

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