150 Years: A long, Rewarding Road

In 2023, Staebler Insurance proudly celebrated 150 years as a contributor to the community we all share. Our organization has grown alongside and supported Waterloo Region which has done the same through many decades of developing into a strong, established region. We are proud to continue our mission and fully committed to the years ahead.


How We Celebrated 150 Years!


150 years and still making history. Through world wars, great depressions, recessions, and global pandemics, Staebler Insurance has remained a constant in Waterloo Region. We have a lot to share about our rich past – get ready to explore our story!


A longstanding pillar at Staebler Insurance is to giveback to the community that we have grown up in. Through our staff-run Charity & Community Committee, Staebler continues to support and sponsor local organizations based on need and reach. Find out who we partnered with in 2023.


Another major pillar for Staebler Insurance is education and continuous lifelong learning. Our partnerships with universities, colleges, educational institutes, and industry associations are featured.


365 days to celebrate 150 years in Waterloo Region. Catch up with what happened and be sure to check out our press release and fun, multimedia content!


What’s a sesquicentennial without a yearlong celebration? Staebler Insurance formed a Staebler 150 Committee to plan, organize, and execute a number of events including parties and team engagements.